• We charge a one-time fee of $45 (please add $5 for each additional dog) for our first visit to your property.  It takes longer the first time around. Then the fees below prevail for a regular schedule.

• Gift Certificates are available

• We also offer a One-Time service and ETR service (Emergency Turd Removal) – please call for a quote.

• All prices shown are per visit. Prices are for average sized yards. For over-sized yards we will give you a custom quote.

Frequency    1 Dog       2 Dogs        3 Dogs         4 Dogs

first visit
or one time       $45            $50               $55                $60

weekly               $15            $ 18               $21                $24

twice/wkly        $13             $16               $19                $22

every two
weeks                 $19             $23               $27               $31

monthly            $30              $35               $40               $45

Payments are accepted with personal checks (made payable to James O’Malley), PayPal Friends & Family, money order, or cash.

Gift Certificates Available!

The Basics

Our service rate includes a scheduled visit on a specific day depending on your cleanup schedule (weather permitting). Most rescheduled cleanings are the next day, again weather permitting. We prefer to collect the day prior to your trash collection day, if possible.

The following circumstances may interfere with doggie dung collection: tall grass, weeds, ivy, kudzu, fallen leaves and branches, chairs, hoses, puddles, loose feces or watered down patties, inclement weather, et cetera.

We will invoice you before the beginning of each month, however if this is a financial hardship we will work with you.

Missed Appointments

Bad Dog Out
Locked Gate
Inclement Weather

When Mother Nature interferes with our schedule, there is no extra charge to you. We will get there as soon as we can following the inclement weather.  If due to unforeseen circumstances we do wind up canceling, you will be credited for any missed visit if you have already paid.  Jan keeps accurate records.

If a gate is locked or an unfriendly dog is out we can not perform our scooping service. We do not jump gates nor associate with unfriendly pets. For our own safety we hope you understand this condition. If we are unable to perform our service due to these two conditions, we must charge for the visit not completed as we made the trip to your residence. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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