logoWe relocated to North Carolina from New England in October 2005 and we set up housekeeping in southeastern Guilford County.

People step in it.  Lawn mowers roll over it. Dogs smell it, roll in it, walk in it and even ingest it. Sometimes they even pick up serious diseases from it. Dog feces are one of the most common sources of :

Whipworms and Hookworms
Pinworms and Roundworms
Giardia and Coccidia
What We Do
Pet waste is a topic that every pet owner must deal with, but does not like to talk about. The fact is that the majority of community and neighborhood pet problems result from the inappropriate handling of pet waste.  We take care of the problem for you.
Cleanup Schedule
We come to your home or property and remove the dog waste for you. Our schedule is flexible to accommodate your needs. We service your yard anywhere from once or twice a week to once a month or less frequently depending on your needs and budget.