IMG_3132_640x480_-473x350Doggie Dung Squad takes care of the dirty work of pet ownership. We understand you love your pets, but with your busy schedule the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is scoop a yard full of dog poop. Long work hours or lengthy illness may make it difficult to care for your pet’s waste clean-up. We are a small operation and personally attend to your property with our pooper scooper service.

Doggie Dung Squad is professional, reliable and affordable run by Poopologists Jim and Jan O’Malley.  We are dung-ho to help you keep up with your dog waste cleanup.

Doggie Dung Squad is number one in number two!

Our complimentary first visit to your home is to meet you and your pets, discuss your needs, and answer any questions.

We do our very best to pick up all the doggie dung, but sometimes we might miss a spot in tall grass, weeds,
puddles or fallen leaves.  Rest assured we’ll catch it at the next visit.  We take great care to get it all!

Why Scoop the Poop?

Most people think that dog poop washes away in a week or two. The reality is that it can take one year to break down. Dog poop left to accumulate endangers the health of your family and your pet; it is a breeding ground for disease and disease-carrying pets. Did you know that dog feces are a common source of Roundworm, Whipworm, Parvorvirus, Hookworm, Giardia and Coccidia?

Our Story

DungmobileCorolla 7-22-18

Here is our Dung Mobile bought July 2018. The business — dog poop scooping.  This is our company vehicle for our small business. We replaced our Prius that had been put into service in April 2007 and had almost 218,000 miles!  Retirement funds, Social Security and retiring in the North East were not enough to sustain a life for us so we migrated to Greensboro, NC where the weather is much more moderate and the winters are not so intense, and certainly the cost of living is much less. Still we must continue to work.

Now Jan came up with the idea and sent press releases to all the media in the area.  This brought us full page articles in major newspapers, on TV in North Carolina on The Buckley Report, and on national TV on a cable network called Retirement Living TV (now defunct).  Leads started to come in from all this free exposure.  That was just what we needed and we are grateful.

We were asked how we got into this business and I told folks that we just kind of stepped in it.  Jan is the CFO (Chief Fecal Officer) and I am the CEO (Chief Excrement Officer). We are pegged as Number 1 in Number 2. Our motto is:  Let Us Scoop The Poop When You’re Too Pooped To Scoop.

Each week we do have a lot of sh#t to do as our business is always picking up and when a dog’s business slows down we hand out X-lax doggie treats. JUST KIDDING, we love our doggie friends and would do nothing harmful to them.

So, since 2006 now we have been dealing with this cr@p and in the winter, when it’s cold, we are scooping POOPSYCLES. When the day is done and we return home, we are pooped!

This is stress-free way for us to supplement our retirement income and in some yards a chance to be with our furry friends. Dogs are the best!

Many people are shocked as they have never heard of this kind of business, but I explain to them it is really a Big Movement (badda bing badda boom). Part-time jobs at our age don’t pay squat!  But this business does.

What a country!  There is always a way to make a buck.  You need just a little drive, initiative, and this great free society to make things happen on your own.

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